New Quest

Yesterday I started and finished Nick Hornby’s 2003 book, Songbook. Essentially it is his musings on his favorite songs and the state of popular music today. I absolutely loved it! Ever since I saw Julie and Julia I have wanted to embark on a journey where I could write about something new, but something that followed a theme, each day. I thought about books, movies, even cooking; but abandoned all of those pursuits because books seemed too unwieldy, movies too time-consuming, and cooking too expensive.

Hornby’s Songbook has inspired me to take a journey through song. So, this is how I think it is going to work: I will choose a song, listen to it, and post about it.  I hope that it will be about how a song makes me feel. It may be about what a song reminds me of. What it will not be is a list of songs anyone MUST listen to! I am under no illusions that I am a music expert nor am I a music critic. I just know what I like!

The choice of song may, some days, be random (hitting shuffle on the old iPod); on other days it may involve me just looking at the iTunes and seeing what strikes my fancy. Maybe it will be a song that I have  heard hundreds or even thousands of times (you can bet those get another listen) before. Perhaps it will be a song that I am not familiar with (something from my husband’s or my daughter’s catalog, for example). In any case, I just want to listen and see where it takes me.

Tell Me What You Think!

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