Customero Loco

Just for the record let me say right here at the outset that I have no problem with minorities. What I do have a problem with is that if you do not have a command of the English language, that is no mi problemo! Some whack job comes in tonight and starts screaming at me, asking me “why I charge him?”. My reply? “Um, because it’s a restaurant and I have to charge you for what you order?” He continues to ask me the same question, getting more and more angry each time. I, legitimately, was at a loss. Finally I realize that he’s pissed because I put the check down in front of him before he got his food. I very nicely pointed out that the check was in front of everyone at the bar, as that is our policy. I explained that if he did not want the check in front of him, that I would be happy to move it. Then, he starts asking me if I am “fresh to the business”. Seriously. I then went on to explain to him that I have been in the business for thirty years. He told me that it was “stupido” to, and I quote: “put someone’s charges in them when they do not even eat the food”. I apologized for being “stupido”, pointed out that the check was no longer in front of him and moved along.

Did his bullshit end there? Nope. After he and his party had pushed their plates away I proceeded to remove the plates and wipe their area. For whatever reason my efficiency sent him into a tailspin. He asked if we had a new manager. I told him that we did not. I asked him if he would like to see the manager. He said “no”. He told me that I could “charge” him now. Okay. On his $79.90 check he left me .10. Good riddance!

I really do make every effort to be patient and understanding when it is clear that there is a language barrier, but this guy is an asshole in any culture.


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