No! I don’t know the score.

Today I am bar tending and I have tables.

NBC is showing The Olympics.

Some guy wants to know “what’s the score?”

I have a few balls in the air, so I shrug. Then I point out, in what I hope is my most helpful voice, that the scores are, generally, on the screen.

He then begins yammering about how the Italians are beating “us” at beach volleyball. Okay, clearly he found the score. I’m so proud of him.

He then asks me to turn up the volume. I tell him we have a policy against this. Really, the last thing I need right now are MORE people talking about grown men playing in the sand.

When he pays his check he asks for the receipt so that he can do the guest satisfaction survey.

Really. I work for a multi-million dollar company and I am being rated on my job performance by a guy who needs to be advised as to how one watches a televised sporting event. Isn’t that special?


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