The decline of Western Civilization

I become addicted to things rather easily. Particularly if I am good at them. Case in point, I was REALLY good at drinking (if only that had been an Olympic sport). Currently I am addicted to Draw Something (and maybe blogging, but moreso Draw Something because it’s fairly mindless). It passes the time between blogging and waiting for The Mets to drop a million games under .500.

For whatever reason, the fact that I am playing this game is annoying to my husband. Whatever. I cannot really take seriously the kvetching of a man whose television viewing habits consist mainly of watching mental midgets bid on things, guys who think it is the height of coolness to pick through garbage, and a couple of geniuses who wrangle whatever happens to be living out back in someone’s “crick ” for a free meal. I contend that this programming and most “reality” television is evidence that we all have a front row seat to the decline of western civilization! Hey, at least I’ll be able to draw it. What will he be able to do?


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