The road to Rio


While watching The Olympics this afternoon I remarked to Fang that I had not yet seen any coverage of the trampoline event. He looked at me quizzically, as if I was making it up. I assured him that there was such a thing and that I was pretty sure it was a new thing, etc., etc. I should probably tell you that he is not a fan of The Olympics and has given my daughter and I a hard time about watching them since they began.

I suspect that he is annoyed that we are watching on the living room TV. Every night after dinner he takes his spot in his chair and flicks between baseball, whatever is on ESPN, and whatever crazy reality show he is currently enamored of, most recently it’s been those shows where people exterminate “critters” and the ones where they build aquariums. Anyway, I’m sure we have been cramping his style. So, it’s less about WHAT we’re watching and more about WHERE we’re watching it.

His response to my interest in trampolining? “Well that’s just ridiculous. How can they put something in The Olympics that kids can do in the backyard? I could probably still do it. I used to love the trampoline.”

I remind him that there are any number of Olympic sports that can be done in the backyard, such as, badminton, ping pong, volleyball, running, swimming, bicycle riding, weight lifting, archery, well, you get the idea. I explained that while I had actually not seen any Olympic trampolining that I suspected that it would consist of more than just jumping, landing on your ass, and then jumping again. I assume that, at the very least, there will be some tumbling involved.

To which he replied, ” Yeah. Okay. But seriously, hon, I’m just saying that I could probably still do it.”

At this point I could hardly contain myself. In between guffaws I playfully asked my 52-year-old husband how many Olympic trampoliners he thought might be over 50. And suffering from a seizure disorder. And were acrophobic. But I told him that if trampolining was his dream I would certainly be supportive. I told him if he was successful in this endeavor that there would probably be a Lifetime Movie-of-the-week in our future. He just shook his head and went back to reading the newspaper.

About five minutes later he asked me if my best friend still had the trampoline in her backyard, as if his road to Rio was going to begin up the block. I am still cracking up just writing this. And that’s why we are still together after 23 years of marriage. He amuses me.

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