I planned to do nothing today


I wanted to be the woman in this picture today. Without the cat, of course. The cat is not allowed in my room. I have enough shit to do. Cleaning cat urine/poop from under my bed wouldn’t even make the list.

I wanted to do nothing today because today is my only day off this week (including Saturday and Sunday). Tomorrow I have to work lunch and then spend the evening doing some charity event that I got roped into by a manager who, as it conveniently turns out, will be in France while I am slinging hash at National Night Out in suburban New Jersey. I must have been a serial killer in my past life or, at the very least, a lawyer.

I had, quite literally, just opened my book when my phone alerted me that I had a text message. I knew I shouldn’t have brought the stupid thing into my room. It was from my teenage daughter, who is currently vacationing at the beach with a friend’s family. It said, “Mommy I am sick I threw up at 3 this morning I miss you”. Ugh! My kid has not called me or referred to me as “Mommy” for years. And she hardly ever gets sick. And she NEVER says she misses me.

I called her right away. I spoke to the friend’s mother. I asked her if she wanted to come home. Satisfied that she was comfortable staying, grateful that I would not have to make a 300-mile round trip to fetch her, and fully satisfied that she would live, I went back to my book. But the spell was broken. I was still worried (because she called me “Mommy; because she never gets sick and; because she claimed to miss me). I stopped reading and ended up doing more productive things. Now I need a nap. Or some ice cream.

2 thoughts on “I planned to do nothing today

  1. Just when you think they don’t need us anymore they reach out and “Mommy” you. Just get some revenge when you are babysitting your grand-kids for her someday when she’s trying to get some R&R.


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