What the hell is edamame? And why do I have it?


My fairly intelligent 16-year-old daughter just burst into my room demanding to know where the ice packs were. So, I’m taking a poll. Where do you folks keep your ice packs? Me, I keep mine in the freezer.

Or I would. If I had ice packs. I did have something in a bag that was pliable and frozen. And mysterious. It was called “edamame with sea salt”. How I came to be in possession of this food product (judging from the picture on the bag it seems to be some kind of green bean-like vegetable) is certainly a head scratcher.

9 thoughts on “What the hell is edamame? And why do I have it?

  1. bonbonsandbotox says:

    They are always pushing those things as Costco samples. Maybe, one day while fighting the throngs of Canadians at your local Costco they fell into your cart by accident. MAYBE? LOL!


  2. why am I here in a handbasket? says:

    I’m never having dinner at your house.


    • javaj240 says:

      Why? You already know you won’t get hog’s head. And the edamame, while certainly useful as an ice pack, will probably never make another appearance.


  3. wigsf says:

    I’m from Canada. Ice packs? Freezer? I wanna keep something cold I throw it out the window.


  4. With three home-schooled kids in the house, the first place I look for ANYTHING is between the cushions of the couch…then I go to where it should be located. I usually find what I am looking for at the first stop…or just go ahead an think of a substitution…frozen blueberries work nicely as an ice-pack substitute.


    • javaj240 says:

      The frozen edamame did the trick. And, I discovered, they are “shelled soybeans”… someone must have put them in my cart by mistake.


  5. You have it just in case you needed an ice pack.


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