Silence is golden


I think my husband is giving me the silent treatment. It’s sometimes hard to tell given his natural taciturnity, but there’s something about the body language and the lip pursing that has led me to conclude that there is a deliberateness to this particular silence. There was a time where I would have tried to wheedle and cajole him out of his mood, but not tonight.

My daughter, upon our return from Target, slammed into her room. That’s how most of our outings together turn out these days. A result of the fact that I will not tolerate disrespect in public. And if she ignores me, rolls her eyes, or mumbles under her breath I call her on it. I don’t care if it embarrasses her; clearly she doesn’t care if her behavior embarrasses me.

My husband asked me why I bother. I am still not entirely clear on what I am not supposed to “bother” about. I took it to mean why do I bother getting into it with her when she is behaving abhorrently in public. His attitude and his answer for everything is her adolescence. And I don’t disagree, but his method of dealing with her is, well, not to. He just ignores her. Most of the time I do the same, but not in public.

So I told him that he could take her for sports bras the next time. To which he replied, “Well, it probably wouldn’t end this way.” He is absolutely right about that. Because it will never happen. Or he will just hand her some cash and sit in the middle of the mall. I, for one, don’t have time for that shit. Because I am too busy doing all of the bullshit around here AND I work 40 hours a week. On my feet. In a restaurant. With assholes for coworkers and imbeciles for customers.

So, now neither one of them is talking to me (or asking me for anything). I wonder what I can do to piss them off tomorrow? I am enjoying the peace and quiet. I cannot believe that I did not think of this sooner. Dummy!

2 thoughts on “Silence is golden

  1. I think it’s amazing that some couples actually stay married after having children. Teenagers especially can pull you in opposite directions. It’s tough man. Glad that you at least get some peace and quiet. 🙂


    • javaj240 says:

      It didn’t last long. Someone needed a light snack. She wasn’t thrilled with the panini I paid top dollar for at Whole Foods.

      Agreed on the marriage thing. I often note how many of my friends/acquaintances get divorced once their last one goes off to college. Just when they survived the teenage years. But then I realized that they really hadn’t. I am determined not to be a part of that statistic!


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