Things I Will Never Understand (8/23/12)



Commercial dryer manufacturers, take note.
This should read: Clean this lint filter AFTER each use.

I live in a building with a laundry room.
My fellow building-dwellers (neighbors carries a polite connotation; so I won’t call them neighbors) are people who can’t seem to get a handle on the garbage/recycling schedule or follow the simplest parking procedures (Please, don’t park on the grass!), yet they manage to follow this particular directive to the “T”.

Here’s a news flash for you: I don’t want to touch, inhale, or even see, YOUR lint.
Stop being such a rule-monger. Live dangerously. Clean the dryer lint AFTER you use the dryer.

Otherwise, I may be forced to leave the used Q-Tips that never seem to make their way into our bathroom garbage in a place where you will be forced to touch them. Possibly your doorknob.

5 thoughts on “Things I Will Never Understand (8/23/12)

  1. olivesmeltz says:

    Lint is an excellent addition to compost for making mulch. Green tip #136


  2. Nicole says:

    I agree! It should be cleaned after use!


  3. javaj240 says:

    There’s no end to the things that annoy me!


  4. This makes me so happy to know that there is so many channels for your annoyances! I thought it was just the restaurant and it’s patrons!! Bonus for me…there are also unruly “fellow building dwellers” I get to look forward too!!! haha!


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