That is a Stupid Question! (#1)

Thanks for asking!

I recently asked a stupid question, actually it was more a case of responding stupidly to a comment made by someone else, ignore the buckles on my jacket, will know what I’m talking about! It got me to thinking about some of the stupid things I have been asked over the years. The advice from your first-grade teacher notwithstanding, there are, in fact, stupid questions. So, welcome to my new segment, “That is a stupid question!”.

This is, without a doubt, my all-time favorite:

A man in full muslim regalia was perusing the menu. I asked him if he had any questions. I never dreamed his question would be “Is there pork in the seafood salad?”

My response (and one I am still proud of to this day!): “Only if a pig wandered into the ocean and then, somehow, managed to stumble into the shrimper’s net, sir.”

I don’t know if he thought that even this remote possibility was taking too great a risk with his dietary restrictions, but he opted for the grilled cheese sandwich, without bacon, of course.

6 thoughts on “That is a Stupid Question! (#1)

  1. unclerave says:

    And *now* I see that the painting was credited all along, so I guess my question truly qualifies for: That is a Stupid Question! — YUR


  2. unclerave says:



  3. unclerave says:

    Is that one of Wyeth’s Helgs? — YUR


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