Too Much of the Wrong Information


My co-worker had a table tonight that consisted of a teenager (my guess is that she was 17, tops) and her parents. She ordered a piña colada, but barely looked up from her phone as she did so.  To clarify, he asked, “virgin?”. She replied, “No, I’m not a  (awkward silence that followed what she had just inadvertently revealed).  The parents definitely caught it. Oops! I do not know how he kept a straight face.

It gave me an idea for a new Public Service Announcement:

Don’t text and order.

Doing so may cause you to reveal too much of the wrong nformation!

6 thoughts on “Too Much of the Wrong Information

  1. peachyteachy says:

    Talk about making a memory. . .


  2. javaj240 says:

    I will make no judgements or comments on her level of sluttiness. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that a 17-year-old having sex is “slutty”. All I was trying to convey was that she was so busy texting (or, maybe, sexting, who knows?) and not paying attention that she revealed way too much. It’s a cautionary tale, really. Like any good attorney will advise you, ” Don’t answer a question that you have NOT been asked.”

    I just really wanted to clarify the slut thing. Because I honestly did not mean for it to be interpreted that way.


  3. wigsf says:

    Teenage sluts are funny.


  4. javaj240 says:

    Who needs to write fiction when this kind of shit happens to you every day? Not me, that’s who. LOL!


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