The Embarrassment Factor: Election 2012

I’m not very political. I neither watched the debate last night nor do I plan to watch the upcoming ones. The New York Times used to print them, in their entirety, the following day. Perhaps they still do. If I have a chance I may read the transcripts. I find that by using this method I get a clearer sense of what was actually said without all the visual distractions. I have to run to the store for lottery tickets anyway. Maybe I’ll pick up the paper.

Winning the lottery and, thereby, having some semblance of money for the first time in my life might turn me into a Republican. But, don’t bet on it. Of course, both parties have become so centrist that it almost doesn’t matter anyway. It used to be that the lines between them were more defined. I don’t think this is the case anymore. The majority of the country’s budget is comprised of fixed costs (interest, Medicare, defense, etc.). The very small percentage of what’s left is what remains to be argued about. Sure, the parties have different ideas regarding how to best spend what, in the scheme of things, amounts to pocket change. Whatever. It never seems to affect me one way or the other.

As a direct result of the “W” years, a time when Canada began to seem like a viable option, I now base my vote, on what I like to call “The Embarrassment Factor”. So far, Obama has not embarrassed us. The argument could be made that he needs to keep Joe Biden on a shorter leash, but what are you gonna do? He’s like the dopey cousin that you have to keep an eye on at the family wedding to make sure he doesn’t get into too much punch. Biden notwithstanding, I think Obama has acquitted himself with dignity. I also find him to be warm and in possession of a sense of humor. These are qualities I look for in a friend, so why discount them when deciding upon a leader?

I find Mitt Romney to be straight-laced, strident, and, I hate that this matters, but he’s also socially awkward. He may have some decent plans and he may be a bright guy, but Al Gore invented the internet and spoke in complete sentences (For real. Read those transcripts, why dontcha?). He was also a bit of a bore. I voted for him anyway, given the alternative. Not that it mattered. We all know how that turned out.

I don’t see Obama throwing the family pet on the roof and heading off for vacation. Nor do I expect some video to be leaked where we discover that he just doesn’t cotton to midgets (or blondes, or Hispanics, or whatever). Thus far, other than a few Biden moments, members of his administration and members of his family have conducted themselves admirably (Though Michelle’s “Ellen” show push-ups may have straddled the line.). Given the fact that he has two teenage daughters, that’s saying something. My family wouldn’t stand up to that kind of scrutiny, I can tell you that for certain. Truth be told, I’m probably the Biden in our little government.

I fear that there may be too much potential for embarrassment where Mitt is concerned. And, while I like Canada, I don’t want to live there. So, I’ll probably vote for Obama again. Go ahead. Call me shallow. But there are probably worse reasons to vote for one candidate over another. Far worse.

5 thoughts on “The Embarrassment Factor: Election 2012

  1. olivesmeltz says:

    Obama got flogged. End of. Romney is going to roll home now, knowing he is talking about what real Americans want to talk about.


  2. javaj240 says:

    Oh,I so will!


  3. valleygirl96 says:

    I love this! The debate was a topic of conversation between me and my classroom-neighbor, fellow blogger jeandayfriday. She’s working on a great piece about an alternative to the traditional debates. You’ll have to check out her blog in a day or two and see what you think!


  4. javaj240 says:

    At least I’ll have a friend at the shallow end.


  5. This is so funny…this is almost the exact same thing I told my husband the other night! I’m not political either or well educated on the matter but in this day and age I think it says a lot that he has not done something remarkably stupid! Also, I really like Michelle and I figure if she married him he’s got to be all right and really that is half of the battle!!! I never told anyone else this before except my husband because I felt very shallow!!!


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