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Cheers! To Jennifer Livingston, the LaCrosse, Wisconsin news anchor who called out the guy who wrote her that horrible e-mail regarding her weight. He chided her for not being an appropriate role model for young girls. To this I say, “What a load of Hooey!” What? There aren’t enough thin, blonde women with perfect teeth and tight asses. Yeah. Young girls need to see more of them on television.

I’ll wager a bet that this woman has given hope to at least one overweight young woman hoping to break into the television news game. Because she is such a rarity. You don’t often see morning show hosts, in any market, who are not a size 6.

I had to scratch my head when I discovered that the guy who wrote the e-mail, Kenneth Krause, works as a security guard. I’m not knocking security guards, I mean I’m just a lowly waitress, for God’s sake, but I wouldn’t necessarily run over to the bank or to the mall to seek the counsel of a security guard if I was struggling with the concept of what a role model was.

Several days after the fact, Mr. Krause apologized. He’s now trying to say that he wrote the e-mail to be helpful to her; and has offered to assist her with an exercise and weight loss regimen. Yeah, right. Are we supposed to believe that his motivation for his vitriolic attack was his concern for her? I don’t believe it for a minute. My understanding is that he, himself, struggled with obesity. (Information that he revealed after the fact.) If he truly wanted to help her, I would think he would have started with that particular part of his story in his original e-mail. Never did he make any offer to help her. Instead, he essentially demanded that she either lose weight or leave television.

Who the hell is he to criticize her for the number that she puts up on a scale? She didn’t write a diet book. She’s not an exercise guru. Alternately, my understanding is that she is not running around saying, “Big is beautiful, girls!” She is not encouraging women, young or old, to look like her. She is just a woman who does her job, and seems to be, a few crackpots notwithstanding, accepted for who she is, warts and all. I think that’s a good thing.

I think her choice to go public with his e-mail was courageous. Confronting a bully while discussing, what I imagine would be, her Achilles’ heel, that’s the cloth role models are cut from. It occurs to me that Mattel might want to give Barbie a friend, a curvier friend; they could call her “Jennifer”. Because very few young women out there have a shot at Barbie’s measurements. I will guarantee you that there are far more who will grow into women whose imperfect bodies will more closely resemble Jennifer Livingston’s body. (Particularly after three kids, but stretch marks on an overweight Barbie might be too much to hope for.)

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12 thoughts on “Role Model

  1. javaj240 says:

    Because Mattel wants your money? I never thought about Barbie like that before, though. Thanks for pointing that out. LOL!


  2. javaj240 says:

    That’s what we bloggers do best, isn’t it? Ponder out loud. I love it!

    In terms of folks who have overcome struggles, there are those who truly use the knowledge that they gained to help others (AA members come to mind); then you have the ones who just want to sit in judgement of those still struggling. Those who fall into the latter category just suck. They just do.


    • wedelmom says:

      Good point. Not all people who overcome struggles act like jerks. There are many who find the correct way to put their experiences to good use. Then there are the rest who are louder, mouthier, send nasty e-mails and just suck.
      By the way – if Barbie is so fabulous why do you have to buy her friends and a date? Again….just pondering…. 😉


  3. wedelmom says:

    Why is it people who “used to struggle with” are always the biggest jerks once they overcome their struggle? Just pondering out loud….


  4. javaj240 says:

    Douche Bag reduction regimen…. I love it! I know a few non-professional athletes who could benefit from this. Let me know when, where, and how much for the seminar. LOL!


  5. peachyteachy says:

    I agree that Jennifer has it going on. Isn’t it cool the way some of the biggest male “role models” (athletes) so frequently could benefit from a Douche Bag reduction regimen? So many of my students think that they are going to be athletes when they grow up—which may never happen, since it looks like they think the Douche part is the most important.


  6. why am I here in a handbasket? says:

    great post.


  7. Kenneth really does sound like a winner!! Good for Jennifer! My daughter wanted a Barbie birthday this past year. I made a poster of Barbie and purposely made Barbie with brown hair and short and chubby! None of the girls said anything but I’m hoping they got the message that you don’t have to be blonde and skinny to be beautiful!


  8. javaj240 says:

    LOL. Yes. I have this weird scar from my C-section. “Cesarean Barbie”?

    The whole thing just pissed me off.


  9. I want Barbie to have that little “pooch” that she just can’t get rid of. I know it’s there for me no matter how hard I try. OK, well, I did eat that carrot cake last night LOL. But what do you want, a salad-eating robot? They’re no fun. And I’ll be Barbie isn’t either.


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