Bad Habits? Top 10!

top10I’ve recently stumbled across a couple of bloggers who are engaged in projects entitled “40 before 40”. The premise being to drop 40 bad habits before their 40th birthday. I applaud any step in a positive direction. I am, however, awaiting the bottom of their lists. Because I have quite a few bad habits, but 40? That seems a pretty large number of bad habits for someone who is not, say, a hooker, a drug dealer, or a member of Congress to have, doesn’t it?

I fear that number 40 will be their resolution to leave no pencil unsharpened or something equally frivolous. I’m not embarking on this mission, but I began to wonder how many bad habits I actually do have.

1. Smoking.

2. Leaving the outside light on when I go out to smoke.

3. Sometimes forgetting to close the door when I go outside to smoke.

If I gave up #1, I could actually knock off 3 bad habits at once.

4. I have a tendency to be judgemental. The funny thing is, I’m usually right. So, is this really a bad habit or is it a gift?

5. I never properly make my bed. Some days I throw the quilt over the whole mess, but I’m not fooling anyone. Your average self-absorbed 3-year-old would be onto me in about 30 seconds. I do straighten the sheets, pillows, and blankets prior to getting into bed at night, so maybe this is only half of a bad habit.

6. I may be getting a little long in the tooth for the coonskin cap, but here’s the thing: it keeps away the crazies. Yup. Believe it or not, a grown woman sporting a coonskin cap sends out the “I’m crazier than you are— and I have the hat to prove it!” vibe. Bad habit? Or just plain smart? You tell me.

7. Kicking off my socks in the middle of the night. I’ve never had Athlete’s Foot, though. So, while it annoys the hubby, it’s probably pretty healthy. How would I go about breaking this habit, anyway? Taping my socks on? That can’t be good for the old circulation!

8. I’m a big procrastinator. In my old age I’ve discovered that this isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes solutions present themselves over time. Not the dishes, though; they just keep piling up. Okay. So, I should get on the dishes sooner. Or, I could just leave them until my husband does them. It’s the one thing he hates and will actually attend to. Again. A method to the madness, so to speak.

9. I should lay off the shoe buying. I buy a lot of shoes. People are always commenting on my attractive footwear. (Not when I’m wearing my coonskin cap, though— perhaps it’s because the hat is so stunning! Or it may be because it’s tough to get past the hat. Or, as previously mentioned, it’s because folks shy away from crazy.) Why give up something that makes me feel good? Isn’t my self-esteem worth spending a few bucks and sacrificing closet space for? I think so.

10. Blogging— it can sometimes feel addictive. And I shouldn’t do addictive things. I should really know better. But, really? I’m meeting new people. Fostering healthy relationships (albeit cyber ones, but who cares?). Improving my writing skills. Every time I hit that “Publish” button I feel a sense of accomplishment. That can’t be a bad thing. So, I have to ask myself: If I wasn’t blogging, what might I be doing? Sure, there’s always laundry, television, and speaking to actual humans (some of whom I even live with), but I probably wouldn’t be doing much of any of those things whether I blogged or not. No. I’m not giving up blogging either.

Perhaps I’ll think of some more bad habits in the future. (I could consult Fang— I’m not sure I want to see his list of my bad habits, though!) I think that’s the top ten. Large projects really are best realized when broken into smaller parts (at least that’s what I’ve heard— I don’t tackle many large projects myself).

So, anybody have similar bad or not so bad habits?

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25 thoughts on “Bad Habits? Top 10!

  1. Forgot to mention Number 7, kicking off socks in bed. I reckon the bad habit here is wearing socks in bed, not kicking them off. You’ll never be a sex goddess wearing sox, for goodness sake


  2. Bad habits? I have the bad habit of saying I don’t have any.
    BTW, smoking? Filthy habit, antisocial, smelly, disgusting… Great isn’t it?


  3. You are awesome. Love your list and picturing the coon skin hat. I just broke my resolution related to your #1-3 last night. I’m a closet smoker once in a while when out with friends. I had gone for like three months! Argh. But hey, I didn’t turn any tricks at least. 🙂


    • javaj240 says:

      Or become a member of Congress! IDK..I’m more of a “don’t beat yourself up about shit” type of person; try to let the good you do outweigh the havoc you wreak. LOL


  4. wedelmom says:

    Thank you for pointing out that “bad habits” may not really be “bad” depending on the way you look at them. My kind of post!!
    Since I’m past 40 do I need to come up with 50 things to change by the time I’m 50?? Maybe spending my 50th birthday in the psych ward from nit-picking myself crazy would be pleasant. Who knows?


  5. ethelthedean says:

    Epic in hilariosity as always.

    I too procrastinate, but since finishing school my levels have really balanced out (this isn’t saying too much, but still.)

    I leave water glasses EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I’m like that creepy kid from Signs. It’s really bad. I also sometime forget to close cupboards/drawers. My mom always told me I’d make a terrible thief because people would always know where I had been.

    I totally laughed at the bed thing because that is one my biggest pet peeves! My husband does the same thing as you and it drives me round the bend (bed?) so I always remake it after him. It’s totally part of my OCD.


    • javaj240 says:

      LOL on the kid from “Signs” (one of mine and Fangette’s faves, btw). The bed thing is always a bone of contention in my house. Not enough for Fang to bother about it, though— just daily kvetching.

      Procrastinating can sometimes be a good thing (really!).


  6. rossmurray1 says:

    In bed smoking in socks with coonskin cap: cannot unimagine…


  7. peachyteachy says:

    One thing at a time, Ja QUELL in. I love you just the way you are.


  8. I agree, 40 bad habits seem like an awful lot – I think you would have to start reaching for things like – avoiding sidewalk cracks and stuff like that. I like your list! I can relate to many of those. Since I am already over 40, however, I will have to do something more like – 10 before 50, etc


  9. You’re not going to believe this but Bency wears a coonskin cap. It’s real. I found it at a thrift store two years ago and it’s his best fall accessory. I don’t let him wear it in the winter because it doesn’t cover his ears but it’s a mainstay even while sleeping from September through early November. I wish I could attach a photo on here!


    • javaj240 says:

      Of course I believe Bency wears a coonskin cap! (I actually do not—-made the whole thing up to point out the ridiculousness of this endeavor— but I do think it would keep the crazies away!)


  10. I’m with you. Maybe focus on the stuff that’s truly damaging (yeah, the smoking, I fear) and let the other bits go….too much focus on “bad habits” just leads to self-hatred anyway. 🙂


  11. betunada says:

    scary, but maybe not.


  12. betunada says:

    yoove gawtttittt eeeezeee;
    40 things? ten?
    a few years back i bought a nice accompanied-by-nice-photos LAO TZU (or wuzzit the TAO TE CHING?). nice meditative tranquil reading. the author talks about this, and that, and whatever, and whenever he (she?) wants to come up with an incomprehensibly big number, unfathomable i suppose for the era, says “the 20,000 things.”
    i drive to work, sometimes i lie awake, or the mind blanks, listless, in class, and i think: if i could go back to the beginning (of this life) and eliminate all acts which were not in the interest of compassion nor universal unity, would 20.000 be more than enough?


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