Trading one addiction for another!

IkeaI was a little worried that I was becoming addicted to Ikea. And, really, no one wants that. And by no one I mean my husband.

It started innocently enough. I got a loveseat there, but like any gateway drug, the loveseat led, inevitably, to more. The more in this case was a chair. A new television warranted a larger media console (sounds so much better and fancier than television stand, don’t you agree?), which required another trip to Ikea where I left with not only the media console, but also with a couple of free-standing cabinets for the kitchen.

Not unlike children’s birthday parties, redecorating projects can quickly get out of hand. One minute you’re calmly lining up all the kiddies for a nice round of pin the tail on the donkey, the next thing you know, little Shushma is nearly stabbed with the thumbtack that is, well, integral to the game (plus, you didn’t have any Fun tack). Luckily, also integral to the game is the blindfold that, as luck would have it, took the brunt of little Shusma’s near blinding. Who’d have thunk that a recently spun kid, now dizzy from the spinning and armed with a sharp object would become confused and point this same sharp object at her very own eye? Not you, that’s for sure. Naturally, panic ensues and a little party game becomes, to put it mildly, frenzied and chaotic.

Frenzied and chaotic would be excellent adjectives to describe my former decorating style. You know, if it fits, it sits; if it’s free, it’s for me. This philosophy led to many, many mismatched and ugly pieces of furniture over the years. This time, though, I am determined to be different. To take my time. To think things through. To actually make an effort at some kind of style. I’ve chosen Cottage Chic or Shabby Chic, or whatever those design-y folks are calling it these days. I like it’s ease. I like it’s comfort. I like that it’s basically built around the color white, which even I can’t screw up. Although who knew just how many shades of white there are out there? Not me. Not at the outset. Now I know. It’s slightly worrisome, but I’m going to soldier on. I like slipcovers that I can throw in the wash. Although I am, at this very moment, writing this in an effort to delay doing just that. So, what else is new? “What do you mean you didn’t get the pen off the couch cushion today?” “I was writing. Do you think blog posts just materialize? Like pizza? Which, by the way, only appears because I picked up the phone and ordered it. Sheesh!”

I will not even get into how a nearly 17-year-old girl-child got ink on my nearly brand-new white slipcovered Ektorp loveseat or how this almost caused World War III to erupt right here in Northern New Jersey. The point is that I can get it out with a little hairspray and some laundering, which I plan on doing right after I finish writing this post. So, get off my back, wouldja?

That Ikea though, what a place, huh? So clean and organized and well-lit. They kind of make you want to live in those rooms, no doubt while enjoying their equally enticing menu selections — namely, the Swedish meatballs and the cinnamon buns — don’t they? Yup. They do. And I fell prey to their evil genius. I am, after all, a mere mortal in search of affordable white wood-like furniture pieces that I can shabbify with some toile curtains, gingham pillows, and possibly a bit of interesting molding.

To this end I made a list of all of the things that I know the good Lord would want me to have from Ikea. Even Our Lord could not convince Fang to live in a catalog page. He wanted to check out other places that sell furniture. All I can say is “Screw the Lord and Thank Heavens for Fang!” because if my husband had not talked me down from the crazy Ikea branch that I had found myself perched upon, I never would have found my current obsession — a place not far from here called “Handpainted by Cookie”.

Maybe it was the paint fumes, but the minute I walked into this joint I knew I had found a kindred spirit. This woman, along with her handy and affable husband, obtains antiques that would otherwise end up in landfills or spend the rest of their days as chipped wood. They make any necessary minor repairs and provide them with beautiful paint jobs. Oh, and there’s also a dog that greets you at the door. Gotta love a place of business where pets are permitted to roam around.

The actual showroom is small, but delightfully decorated. I fell in love with and ultimately bought a white chalk-painted Art Deco dining table with a pop-up leaf and six gorgeous chairs. I have my eye on a beat up china closet that I spied in the warehouse. I know it will look fetching in a lovely shade of dove gray with white hardware. Even Fang agrees that it’ll work for us, but I am, uncharacteristically, going to wait until I get the table in and situated before I make any hasty decisions.

If it looks this good in a parking lot, can you even imagine what it will look like in my dining area???

If it looks this good in a parking lot, can you even imagine what it will look like in my dining area???

Tomorrow The Redhead and I will head over to “Handpainted by Cookie” and load up Bubba with my new purchases. While I’m there I’m hoping to convince Cookie that she should be on the look out for a French Provincial desk with cabriole legs for the woman who, in the coming months, will become her best customer. Because I need lots of shabby things. Lots.

If you’re sitting there shaking your head and thinking, like Fang, that I’ve just traded one addiction for another, you’d be right. I would, however, make the argument that this tiny slice of heaven located in an unassuming Moonachie, New Jersey warehouse is a far, far better obsession to have than Ikea.

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<a href="dining room table ” target=”_blank”>Dining table

16 thoughts on “Trading one addiction for another!

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  2. javaj240 says:

    Violet blue sounds stunning. I refuse to get into painting my walls at this juncture. Too much work, plus I rent and I would just have to paint them back when I moved out…. and who needs that? The walls are off-white, so they’re fine. Perhaps a nice subtle yellow for the table? That might be cool. I love purple and yellow together. Of course it could end up looking like an Easter egg if the yellow turned out to be too bright. Sage green goes nicely with purplish tones, as well.

    Yeah, white is probably not a good color for you right now, what with the stages and ages of your children. It probably was not the best choice for me either to tell you the truth, as even at 17 my kid cannot seem to avoid getting pen and chocolate all over the cushions. I am about to wash them now (I managed to avoid it yesterday, LOL), so we shall see how they survive the maiden voyage in the Whirlpool. I am hopeful that they will turn out fine.


  3. Robin says:

    I’m just about to get two desk chairs from Ikea and have been wanting a couch and chair with the washable slip covers. It is an addiction, though I love the sound of your new find and addiction!


    • javaj240 says:

      Ikea makes a decent and affordable product. They really do. But it can get a little much and, like I said, you can end up living in a catalog page, LOL. So, mixing it up with other finds is working well for me.

      Seriously, though, this place is great. Finding it is going to cost me a fortune, though — an absolute fortune, LOL. It’s seriously affordable, no doubt about that, but I want everything I see. Everything.


  4. I LOVE the table! Of course I love your new obsession because everything in my house has been found at a rummage sale and been redone. We just repainted our dining room a violet blue and I’ve been waiting for some warm weather to come our way so I can haul our dining room table outside and paint it an equally obnoxious color! I can’t decorate with white because we are too big of pigs and I can’t keep up with the cleaning! Lovely post!


  5. A couple of Ikea trips seriously made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack. Maybe because it was still new here at the time, but I had to escape and I was exhausted afterward and I’m not sure if MacGyver and I exhanged a word the whole way home. I get the shivers just driving by it now and it’s not hard to miss off our highway. Funny thing is, I just found a similar gal here that does the shabby chic painting on repurposed furniture. Very, very cool.


  6. ethelthedean says:

    Okay, seriously, I adore you so much it’s stupid. You have no idea how much your writing makes me laugh. AND YOU HAVE A CAR NAMED BUBBA.

    Also Ikea cinnamon buns are the booooomb. I could eat a half-dozen in the blink of an eye (and then probably ralph. But it will have been worth it.)

    That table set is really darling too. I love places that have pets. I flew to Victoria for business the other day and I was reaaaaly crabby because it was 630am and UGH. Then I noticed that Helijet had a “guard” cat. I pretty much spent the rest of my waiting time hanging out with Rotor. And it was awesome.


    • javaj240 says:

      The redhead has a big, honkin’ truck named Bubba! She’s a hillbilly, but I love her. She is always up for adventure!

      The table, I am happy to report, fits perfectly and is exactly what I wanted. I’m thrilled with it!

      You went on a helijet? OMG, you are brave. You probably enjoyed it though, didn’t you? Of course you did! There aren’t enough drugs in the world to get me on one of those cockamamie contraptions. I would, however, be willing to swim with sharks. We all have our things, I guess.


  7. Audrey says:

    This sounds like such a fun place and a worthy addiction because hey, you’re reusing things too and that’s good for the environment, right?! It’s all about spin on something like this. 😉 Have fun with all the redecorating!


    • javaj240 says:

      Yes. Who knew I was so “green”? I am having a ball with the redecorating, especially since I got my husband to get on board!


  8. Ginger Kay says:

    I think this is a better addiction. I like my white slipcovered Ektorps, but, really, you can only have so much IKEA in one room, and that old furniture is so much better made. It has more character, too, and it’s environmentally friendly to re-use it. I may or may not share your addiction.


    • javaj240 says:

      I love the idea of saving things from the landfill or from being turned into MDF (although some of it may, in the end, become Ikea furniture, but still…)!

      As addictions go, I’ll take this one over some others that I’ve wrestled with!


  9. Amanda Fox says:

    LOL, Ikea is indeed an obsession. They just built a new one here in Ottawa. I think it is the largest one in North America. It is FREAKIN’ HUGE. Thank goodness it is on the other end of the city. I try to stay away. 😉


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