Some People Are Sooooo Clever!

Someone posted this on my Facebook page today.

clever gay marriage sign

Some people are so clever!

I really think this sign says it all. Don’t you?

It gets right to the heart of the issue. Doesn’t it?

Me? I don’t think homosexuality is a “choice” any more than I think people “choose” to be assholes. Whether someone is a homosexual or an asshole (or both — I’ve known a few of those!) aren’t choices — folks are just born that way. We accept assholes for what they are. We allow them to marry and, worse, even to breed without giving it a second thought. The same courtesy should be extended to homosexuals.

I don’t really “get” why this issue fires people up. Who cares? Who is adversely affected by two people of the same gender who choose to enter into a legally-recognized union? Personally, I think it’s about money. I think it’s about insurance companies NOT wanting to extend coverage to same-sex married couples. I think it’s how it would affect their actuarial charts if, suddenly, the “married” category increased by some crazy percentage. That’s what I think.

Sure, religion plays a part in this debate. For the life of me, though, I will never understand how people who supposedly purport to be “God-fearing” can possibly believe that a decent segment of the population, a population that they think was created by an entity that they believe to be good, forgiving, and infallible, were created in error. Their logic is flawed. If you accept that God is good, forgiving, and infallible AND you hold fast to the belief that he (these are not people who would accept God as a she!) is responsible for the creation of everything, well, then, doesn’t it follow that God created homosexuals? I don’t know about you, but if it were me, if I were in any way “God-fearing”, I’d be afraid that he’d be pretty pissed that I harbored ill will toward any of his creations.

My money’s on the economics of the thing. The religious kerfuffle? Simply a distraction.

10 thoughts on “Some People Are Sooooo Clever!

  1. ohlidia says:

    I love that sign about the assholes, so true! I was watching CNN the other eve and could not believe that there are 29 states that can fire or evict a person because of their sexual orientation!!! I was dumbfounded…


  2. Coach Muller says:

    This blog is soooooo true!!


  3. javaj240 says:

    As it should be!


  4. Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get gay married.

    My sister is marrying her long-time partner this summer. It’s going to be a right shindig, filled with love and happiness! AND I CANNOT WAIT.


  5. javaj240 says:

    No, that’s exactly the point, LOL!


  6. I also think the sign is great, but I inclined to say, “Most assholes probably shouldn’t be married in the first place.” But that is beside the point.


  7. God doesn’t really have anything to do with this, its a few flawed people the sour the whole bunch.


  8. I love that sign, I agree, why don’t we stop all the hate and work to make the world a better place, I’m just so over all the “discussion” about “gay” marriage and stop trying to tell anyone who they can or can’t love.


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