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  1. valleygirl96 says:

    This is a very powerful piece. You are so strong to have made it through. After reading this it reminds me that the criticisms I have of my parents are rather petty.


    • javaj240 says:

      Yeah… my daughter won’t really be able to discuss my little idiosyncracies, like how I never put my shoes away — that’s small potatoes. In my defense, I didn’t do much drinking in her presence — not that it didn’t affect her adversely — I’m not delusional enough to EVER think that, but she was never asked to “fetch” me the bottle of wine from the fridge or anything of that nature. I was pretty much “absent” in the mornings and as she grew old enough she knew that her friend’s mothers didn’t look (or smell) the way I did in the mornings.


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