I’m Conflicted…

It could always be worse --- we could be Cubs' fans!

It could always be worse — we could be Cubs’ fans!

I’m conflicted — not about anything earth-shattering, mind you. While things like global warning, the debt ceiling, and human trafficking are never far from my mind, I have the ability to push them aside so that I can make room in my disorganized brain for a few of your more mundane worries — like which one of my neighbors left GUM in the dryer and didn’t clean it out, what the hell I’m going to make for dinner, and when The Mets are finally going to bring up Zack Wheeler.

Mysteries like why the people I live with MUST eat my plain banana yogurt (the kind WITHOUT strawberry!), when I damn sure buy them enough of the disgusting berry-flavored varieties that they claim to like, but NEVER seem to eat — this will have to be addressed another day. I’ve also placed other conundrums on the back burner this morning. Head scratchers like how Strom Thurmann served for so long in the US Senate, why my daughter can’t seem to keep track of her pencils (the nice ones, the mechanical kind, the type that cost $3.59), or why no one can invent a proper broom — one whose handle remains ON the broom while sweeping — are just too much for one woman on a random Tuesday morning. (Someone ought to put that Dyson guy on the broom thing. He’s a real problem-solver! Placing the vacuum motor at the bottom? Genius!)

In terms of things that make me go, “Huh?”, the GUM thing is on the top of my list today. It smacks of both idiocy and irresponsibility. Whether they failed to notice that there was chewing gum all over their dried clothing and, by extension, all over the dryer — he or she (though I doubt it was a she) is an idiot. I don’t believe it, though. Not the idiot part — idiocy is fairly common — it’s the not noticing part that I have a hard time believing. What I do believe is that whoever left their chewing gum behind in the dryer is both an idiot and irresponsible — you can throw careless in there if you like, too — so, what we’re dealing with here is an irresponsible idiot, which is, in my opinion, the worst kind of idiot.

As a result of someone’s irresponsible idiocy, I was forced to spend twenty minutes (TWENTY MINUTES!) scraping SOMEONE ELSE’S previously chewed gum out of the dryer! I only hope that the heat of the dryer killed whatever horrible bacteria may have been lurking in their saliva. Let’s face it, anyone who would leave gum in a dryer probably doesn’t wash their hands after pooping or take other sanitary precautions as they wander through life. He is likely the type of person who, upon seeing an M&M on the floor of the grocery store can be heard exclaiming, “Ooh! Free candy!” as he pops it into his mouth. I can only assume that his gum was harboring some form of disease — the common cold at the very least.

I don’t need to come down with any more diseases because I’m already suffering from one that I like to call “ennui” — mostly it flares up when it nears meal time — specifically dinnertime. Really, it begins in the supermarket where, of late, I can be found roaming the aisles searching, fruitlessly, for inspiration. I often wonder if my blank look, confused expression, and/or directionless ambling gives people the idea that I am suffering from something more serious than ennui — like early-onset senility or a brain tumor. I should make up a sign and pin it to my chest — a sign that would reassure them — the casual and caring observer — that I only behave this way at the grocery store. (O.K., O.K. — I might have to wear the sign at Target, too!)

Part of the problem is that I begin my journey through the supermarket in Produce. Everything looks so nice and fresh and colorful there. So, I load up my cart with all sorts of healthy ingredients, only to wonder, at checkout time, what I’m going to do with kale and ginger and something that looks red and juicy, but that I can’t identify, when I get it home.

I pick up these types of items because I am so bored with cooking the meals that I’ve always cooked. I desperately want to MAKE different things. The problem is that Fang and Fangette don’t want to EAT different things. In their defense, they’ve been subjected to more than one culinary disaster as a result of my attempts to use the wacky ingredients that have made their way into my kitchen.

I understand that this problem could be addressed if I were to do two fairly simple things — seek out recipes and make shopping lists. I know that’s the answer. I do. I’m not an idiot. But, I don’t do either. I have issues with recipes. Partially it comes from the assumption by the recipe-maker that the end-user has things like ricers, food processors, or something called a food mill. I’m lucky I have a whisk. And don’t even get me started on the spices — saffron, tarragon, cumin — who even knows what these are? As far as I’m concerned, all you need is salt, pepper, parsley, oregano, basil, and, of course, paprika (it imparts a lovely reddish color to every dish!).

I may also bring a teeny-weeny bit of my psychological baggage to recipe-following. I have problems following directions — because I hate being told what to do. What are recipes other than someone you don’t even know telling you what to do? Worse, though, are when they are my mother’s recipes — then I just hear HER telling me what to do or gasping as I use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar in her famous pot roast recipe. (I have actually had internal conversations between myself and my mother, while committing this heinous act, where I say things like, “Listen, old woman, it’s what I have!) If you’re not going to follow a recipe, why even bother to make a list?

Tonight we will probably be reduced to yet another version of soup and sandwiches. Perhaps I’ll go nuts — boil up some eggs and make egg salad for a change of pace — I think that Fang and Fangette are getting a little tired of grilled cheese and canned soup. To be honest, I’m growing weary of it myself. But it’s simple, flexible, and requires little, if any, thought. My kind of meal.

I have to be a little bit careful at this time of year in terms of making anything that could produce indigestion — because we generally eat while we watch The Mets. Watching The Mets is indigestion-producing in and of itself — it doesn’t need to be helped along by poor culinary decisions. To say that they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is an understatement. And the Zack Wheeler thing? I know they are waiting for a certain date to bring him up from AAA. I know it has to do with free agency and money somewhere down the line — I know there’s a “magic date” that must pass prior to his arrival in The Bigs, but in the meantime, I swear they could hand the ball off to someone in the stands and we would see a better game than what has, thus far, been served up this season.

Sure, there have been bright spots — almost any game Matt Harvey has been involved in and sweeping The Yankees — but they have been few and far between. So have my fabulous dinners. Perhaps once Zack Wheeler gets called up, I’ll be able to muster up the energy for the odd mealtime epiphany. Or, maybe I’ll hand the reins over to another family member — let someone else do the cooking. Possibly that’s what we really need around here — a pitching change.

photo credit: Wrigley Field

21 thoughts on “I’m Conflicted…

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  2. becels1 says:

    I think you are doing great if you are even getting to the grocery store to get something to make… even if the ingredients can’t be identified when you get home and you have no plan in mind of what to do with them. I don’t even get that far, so we end up going out and blowing more money on stuff I could make much better at home… IF I could make it to the grocery store.


  3. betunada says:

    ah, you jung thing: i can almost meremembmumber 47.
    some (all inane, of coarse, sew yew kin schtawpp rite hear) awbsurrvayshuns:
    gum in the dryer. good analysis of the type of person who’d do that (e.g. “free candy”, the pooping thing). fortunately i will not take up space here to detail my daughter when 2 yrs old AND THE GUM UNDER THE TABLE IN THE OLD CAFE;
    i start with the PET FOOD section, leaving Produce for last. we might be similar, or different, somehow.
    ‘fang’ and ‘ette’ — i should get to know YOUR BLOG to deduce who or what that is. here there’re too many ‘fang’s’ … collectively i consider the fangization as the bestial intrusion of naggy-wall into my whirled.
    i called in sick to work once with “severe ennui” and the boss didn’t even ask …


    • javaj240 says:

      Fang is my husband’s pseudonym; Fangette, my daughter’s — it’s my homage to Phyllis Diller (I always feel as though she is smiling down upon me when I use these “pet names”).

      I’m sure that I could call in with a severe case of “ennui” and no one would even bat an eye. 🙂


  4. ksbeth says:

    call up the bullpen. great post)


  5. osherb says:


    Hey, how’ve you been.

    I wanna say thank you for always reading and supporting my blog. I like the most recent post. A bit of a funnel of swirling thoughts stemming from the mundane to peculiar, but I like that.

    Keep Up!


    • javaj240 says:

      I am nothing if I’m not mundane and peculiar, LOL!

      I love your blog. Glad to see you’re back 🙂 hope all is well!


      • osherb says:

        Yes Yes.

        Nonetheless, true we are all basic to over complicated at times, depending on circumstance. But I am glad to see your fresh reverie within spontaneous aspects of life, creating a sense of confidence whereas most superficial traits that most try n hide, you stay resilient.



  6. Jo says:

    Love it! Plus… why is it I can never think of anything to cook, but I have lots of recipes? And why doesn’t any one drink the last bit of the milk, and instead opens the new one? That drives me *insane*.


    • javaj240 says:

      LOL — I only notice the milk when I have to throw it away — never drink the stuff myself! Lots of other things make me insane, though!


  7. Ellen Dolgen says:

    I really loved this article and can sympathize. The gum thing really is a head scratcher.


  8. mindy trotta says:

    So funny. I love random thoughts like yours. Think this calls for a blog post of my own–possibly about what does it take for people who live on my floor to figure out how big is TOO BIG when it comes to putting cartons in the recycling bin?


    • javaj240 says:

      If it weren’t for random thoughts I wouldn’t have any thoughts at all! The carton thing is, I’m certain, sheer laziness!


  9. Vanessa says:

    I really, really think that banana yogurt is an American thing. I have never once come across it here in Canada, nor while I was living in the UK. For some reason the idea alone kind of boggles my mind.

    As always you are hilarious and make my life grand. The last time I was in NY we went to a Mets game. They beat Philly and it was FUN.


    • javaj240 says:

      This is why I can never leave the country — the dearth of banana yogurt in s-called “civilized” places. Please tell me that you at least have peach yogurt — if not, well, you may as well be Sri Lanka, for crying out loud!

      Baseball games are fun to attend, regardless of who wins! (Of course, any day The Phillies lose is a good day for us Mets fans!)


  10. Once I hit 50 I completely lost interest in being the designated provider of dinner. Unfortunately, no one else has stepped up to the plate. We eat way too much takeout.


    • javaj240 says:

      I’m only 47 — I’m going to tell them they have 3 years to get it together, LOL! (Great baseball analogy, by the way!)


  11. I love this – especially the Strom Thurmond and yogurt part. What is it with everyone eating what we like when we buy them what THEY like?


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