Just a Few Words About Choosing Your Outfit!

Just stopping to do a little karaoke on her way to her local theme restaurant!

Just stopping to do a little karaoke on her way to her local theme restaurant!

I’m going to assume that most of you already either know about and have probably even seen the viral break-up note that caught my attention only a few minutes ago. I am making that assumption because I always seem to be riding in the caboose on the information train. I only found out recently that “Ain’t nobody got time for that” was not, indeed, made up by my co-worker — it’s his charming response to my not-so-patient attitude about, well, just about everything. I was forced, as a result of discovering that he was quoting someone named “Sweet Brown”, whose viral video* is now over a year old, to reassess my co-worker’s cleverness. If, like me, these things elude your radar, I suggest you go here right now to view the break-up note — do not tarry! Because it’s hysterical.

Many things about the note had me LingOL, but the one that struck me as the funniest was the last one — “You Told Me: ‘Put on Something Sexy, We’re Going to Red Lobster'”. Putting aside for a moment that this would be my number one reason for breaking up with someone, as opposed to this person twentieth — it struck a chord with me. This is probably because I work in a moderately-priced theme restaurant myself and was just recently remarking on the get-ups I have the pleasure of observing on a daily basis.

I often wonder whether some of these people — the ones sporting stilettos and skin-tight minis — are on their way to someplace else — like their work at a strip club — or are they just the unwitting victims of a simple hoodwinking? Might they, in fact, have been led to believe that they were being taken to, say, a nightclub? Or a white trash wedding?

I have questions for the slovenly dressed, too. Questions that arise when considering this end of the spectrum include whether or not they were kidnapped while gardening or cleaning out the garage. I always hope that they were not fleeing a fire. I can’t seem to come up with any other reasonable explanation for why they had no time to change out of the ripped t-shirt, wrinkled pajama bottoms, and skeevy flip-flops prior to embarking on the journey that brought them to our door. Usually, based on the dirt beneath their fingernails, I just go ahead and put my money on yard work.

photo credit: overdressed woman

*If, like me, you missed the “Sweet Brown” video when it happened, you can just Google search it — one of many choices will be at your disposal! (I’d link you to one, but I read somewhere that she’s suing somebody for something and, God knows, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”!)

16 thoughts on “Just a Few Words About Choosing Your Outfit!

  1. rodalena says:

    Some of those oddly dressed restaurant patrons were probably on their way to Walmart: if you dress Just So at Walmart, you can become Famous on the Interwebs. 😉


    (I’da dumped that moron, too: anyone whose favorite actor is Kirk Cameron obviously has no concept at all of Right and Wrong.)


  2. I just love how your mind works. Light years ahead of mine in the humor and being wise department. Very good post – as always! PS If you are in the caboose, then I must be running on the tracks after the train…


  3. peachyteachy says:

    Apparently, breaking up is easier to do than staying together. . .Glad I had time for dat.


  4. ksbeth says:

    I often wonder about these same things as well, know there must be a story behind each outfit


  5. Rick says:

    Bottom line, people don’t know how to dress, or they just don’t care. Of course, Red Lobster could be fancy for some. Everything is a matter of perspective.


    • javaj240 says:

      Yes. Red Lobster might e considered fancy to some —- Perhaps they even break out their “new” sweatpants for the occasion!


  6. This is funny post and the list you linked too is great. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when it comes to clothes too.


  7. beverlydiehl says:

    I would say, “Not dropping a hint as to where we’re going” would be at the top of the list for dumping someone. Nobody wants to be over or underdressed (then again, at one funeral I went to, somebody was wearing ratty shorts, a ripped T-shirt, and flip-flops). Although it WOULD be fun (hidden camera, anyone?) to have a couple get really swanked out and then hit a busy McDonald’s or Burger King and watch the reactions.


  8. chloeofthemountain2013 says:

    Poor Sweet Brown. Being an overnight sensation comes with a lot of baggage.

    Thanks for cluing me in on a new viral thing that I hadn’t heard about. Like you, I I’m often feel like I’m sitting the caboose.


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