Tipping: A Simple Guide

If any post has ever deserved a reblog, this is it!

It’s refreshing to read something like this from the perspective of a customer, someone who has NEVER served before. And, yeah, there’s a pie chart. That’s awesome, too!

I Miss You When I Blink

Let’s talk about a basic matter of manners and decency.

Take this scenario: Say I want some pancakes, but I don’t feel like making the pancakes myself. Fair enough — I make shitty pancakes. So maybe I decide, “Hey, I know. I’ll let someone else make me pancakes.” Great idea. So I go to a restaurant, where someone else will make me pancakes and yet another person will serve them to me on a plate. Super.


Then the bill comes. Do I…

A) Pay just the cost of the pancakes, nothing more?
B) Pay the cost of the pancakes, plus a standard tip amount or even a smidge more if the server was super adorable and/or nice and/or helpful?
C) Pay the cost of the pancakes, but instead of a tip, write a note on the receipt in which I make assumptions and express opinions about my server’s personal life?

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2 thoughts on “Tipping: A Simple Guide

  1. Saw this too and thought it was great. Amen!


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