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nablo13daytwentytwoPinterest is a little like crack cocaine. Okay, it’s a lot like crack cocaine — or any other addiction. You know you shouldn’t do it, but the allure is just too great.

As a result of the large chunks of time I spend cruising Pinterest, I’ve drawn some conclusions about some my fellow Pinteresters — none of them good.

Some people really do have a lot of time on their hands. I suppose it’s a good thing that they are using it wisely, that they have turned their attention to craft-related endeavors, rather than to bank robbing or to getting up to other types of generalized mischief. It’s a good bet that these folks would be a force to contend with IF they decided to get up to no good. Because they are dedicated, I can tell you that. You have to applaud the kind of dedication it takes to make, for example, your own bottle-brush trees.

I never even knew what a bottle-brush tree was! (Who says Pinterest is a waste of time — well, my husband does, but that’s a story for another day!) Now, I know. I still have no interest in owning one (or a hundred — like some of these bottle-brush tree brush aficionados do). Even if I did, I can’t imagine what the point of making my own would be. Unless you live fifty miles from the nearest craft store, I would assume that they’re fairly easy to come by.

For anyone for whom a trip to the craft store requires careful planning, a full tank of gas, and a picnic lunch, I would still contend that you could just put them on your list of things to buy when you got there or, I don’t know, live dangerously, take your chances with an e-commerce purchase. I suppose I can understand the emergent nature of hooking a welcome mat or fashioning a series of sun-catchers, but making your own bottle-brush trees? That just seems crazy to me.

I stumbled across this while trolling Pinterest:

That’s a lot of supplies and a few too many steps to make what amounts to a cylindrical pom-pom, don’t you think?

Someone I follow on Pinterest must have recently become engaged, as I’ve noticed an upswing in the number of wedding-related pins of late. Last night, she (or he — hey, it could happen!) must have been searching for wedding cakes because there were buckets of wedding cake-related pins on my home page. I’m always fascinated by what people can do with flour, sugar, and eggs and so, I bit. Some of them were pretty or interesting or cute. But this one, this one just stymied me. I mean, unless this person has a serious commitment to narcissism and/or is planning to feed cake to 2,000 people, I just cannot imagine the need for this:


That’s one beautiful monstrosity, but a monstrosity just the same!

I did decide, however, that if I were to ever marry again, I’d really have to have this:


Granted, I’d have to marry a fellow Whovian, but that would be one of my criteria for a second marriage anyway. So, yeah, I’d definitely get to cut into this baby!

What are the most intriguing things you’ve come across while cruising the Pinterest boards?

17 thoughts on “Pinterest Cruising

  1. I’ve never seen the attraction of Pinterest at all, mainly because I have a very short attention span and the boredom threshold of a two year old. I just think I’ve a few better things to do with my time than look at crochet Matthew McConaughey dolls. Sorry Jen.


  2. This Matthew McConaughey crochet doll is probably the strangest thing I’ve seen:


    • javaj240 says:

      That’s hysterical. And, the drum placement is very interesting. LMAO!

      What in the world would one do with such a thing? (Not the drum, the doll!)


  3. pintentionalliving says:

    Love the Tardis cake!!! I keep a “curiosities” board for the odd things I find along my travels through Pinterest Land. I recently found a pin showing a couple of Japanese men sifting through cremated remains with chopsticks for bone fragments as a part of sort of postmortem tradition. It turned into a short homeschool history lesson with my kids even.

    And regarding your fellow Pinteresters, not all pinners are created equal. I’m a firm believer in “responsible pinning ” and making the most of time, rather than using Pinterest for time-wasting pin binges. I actually blog about ways to use Pinterest for good, while still having a good time. Because as much as I believe in using Pinterest to do useful things like meal plan, it’s always fun to peruse unusual or interesting pins for curiosity’s sake. You know, in case they can be turned into last minute homeschool lessons. 😉


    • javaj240 says:

      There are lots of great pinners out there —- I’m not one of them, LOL, but they are out there. Some of the stuff people find is truly amazing — like, yeah, how would you ever have known about that postmortem Japanese tradition?

      It’s nice to know that you are using Pinterest for good, LOL!

      One day I will have to post all of my Pinterest fails — all of them have to do with recipes. Some of them are very, very funny!

      Thanks for reading and for commenting.


  4. The ring I got for my 20th anniversary! We renewed our vows and our photographer took a really cool “artsy” picture of it and posted it on Pinterest. It went sort of viral. I was so astounded I wanted to keep commenting “That’s mine! That’s mine!”


  5. I’d answer you but I am too busy feeding my addiction. Ha ha aaaa


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