Twisted Mixed Tape: Goodbye!


Alas, the “Goodbye” theme is appropriate this week, as this will be the last installment of Mixed Tape Tuesday for a while.

Before I reveal this week’s selections, I wanted to announce a new weekly musical blog hop. With Jen’s blessing, I am going to embark upon a musical A to Z. Obviously, this will get us through 26 weeks! (We’ll see how it goes from there — while the alphabet is limited, the possibilities are endless!) I have created a Facebook page and a Google + presence for it already. Also, Jen has been kind enough to agree to allow us all to continue meeting up on the Twisted Mixed Tape Facebook page, as well.

Each week the theme will be a different letter. You may choose five songs that begin with that letter or focus on a single group or artists or multiple groups who fit the category and choose five of their songs. If you like, you can even use the letter to tell us about bands/acts that you saw at a certain venue that begins with the letter of the week. Or, use the letter to create a theme — “L” for love or loss, “C” for covers. It’s up to you!

The first installment of MusicAtoZ will begin next Monday 4/21. Bring your “A” game!

And now, onto this week’s Twisted Mixed Tape Tuesday theme: Goodbye!

Last Kiss, Pearl Jam

This is actually a cover of a 1961 Wayne Cochran song (I know, I know, I hadn’t heard of him either). The song is great and I’m glad that Pearl Jam put their spin on it. It’s sad and it’s beautiful. The plaintiveness of Eddie Vedder’s voice is perfect for a song that tells the story of a man lamenting the death of his girlfriend.

Seasons in the Sun, Terry Jacks

This 1974 song is about a terminally ill man saying goodbye to his family. The rumor was that Jacks had written it because he was, himself, dying of leukemia. That was not true. It’s actually a remake of a Jacques Brel song. I’m happy to report that Terry Jacks is alive and well and has spent the last several decades as a record producer, a documentary filmmaker, and an environmental activist.

The fact that he is alive doesn’t make the song any less sad, though.

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word, Elton John

I don’t know why, but this song has always, at least to me, had a finality to it. I don’t think there is anything in the lyrics that indicates to the listener that Elton is signing about the end of a relationship, but that’s how I’ve interpreted it. And, let’s face it, “Sorry” often is the hardest word.

Goodbye to You, Scandal

I just love this song. There’s nothing like an in-your-face, screw you song with a great baseline and a girl singing lead. Nope. Nothing like it at all. I’ll admit it, I have a bit of a soft spot for this song for personal reasons — when it, and the accompanying video came out, people said she looked like me and, truthfully, we did kind of resemble each other. I don’t know whatever happened to Patty Smythe’s musical career. All I know about her now is that she is married to John McEnroe.

Closing Time, Green Day

I think it’s appropriate to close out this edition of Twisted Mixed Tape Tuesdays with this song. It signifies the end of something, but not its death. While it saddened me to hear it back in my drinking days, signaling as it did, the end of night, I knew that tomorrow was another day. Just like “Last call” closes the bar, these posts close out Mixed Tape Tuesdays for a while. Still, our music discussions don’t have to end. The venue may change, but the dialogue can continue! Don’t forget to join in to MusicAtoZ.

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20 thoughts on “Twisted Mixed Tape: Goodbye!

  1. Louise says:

    I like the Patty Smyth one (which sounded familiar, but I can’t honestly say that I “knew” it). As for Season’s in the Sun? Apparently we don’t “do that” in my country (happens a lot and I haven’t figured out why) – but I’ve always loved that song.

    So nice that you are carrying on with the music!


  2. I love the song “Seasons In The Sun” but I think I have the Cat Stevens version. I always wondered what it was about. I knew it seemed to be about someone saying goodbye before dying, but at the same time it is sort of cheerful song! My favorite line is “the stars we can reach are just starfish on the beach!”


  3. qrparker says:

    Thanks for introducing me to a bunch of cool music I’ve never heard before!


  4. Love this idea! And thanks for the Terry Jacks flashback…had to zip over and listen to Concrete Sea as well. Great stuff.


  5. Jen says:

    Season’s in the Sun used to TERRIFY me!!! And Scandal! Haven’t heard that in ages. Great list!
    I wish you the best with your hop, and as I said, if you keep me in the loop I am more than happy to remind everyone, every week. Or you can post your weekly post when it goes live πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll jump in every once in a while.
    But for sure, the decision has been made that we will be back in early fall for a once a month hop. So we’ll overlap for a little, so you’ll have to make your letters go with the themes LOL πŸ˜‰


    • javaj240 says:

      I’m so glad you’ll be back in the fall… and, yes! on the letters matching the themes… that sounds swell πŸ™‚

      I will definitely remind you/post to the FB page each week! I do so hope you’ll join in when the spirit moves you!

      Seasons in the Sun is a heartbreaker. Honestly, I couldn’t even listen to it when I put it in the post, LOL. (Didn’t have to, though, it’s stuck with me all these years!)


  6. findingninee says:

    Seasons in the Sun! Awww, takes me right back to being a little kid. I love that song. Your idea for the alphabet music sounds awesome! Really great idea!!


  7. valleygirl96 says:

    “Goodbye to You” – my favorite kiss off song! It takes me back to my high school days in the 80’s. I faintly remember singing into a hairbrush…


  8. Glad to hear I’ll have another musical blog hop to join. This is the first time I paid attention to the lyrics in Goodbye to You. I like it!


  9. Rick says:

    I forgot about Seasons in the Sun.


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