Music A to Z: F is for…

F is for...

F is for…

We had a bit of a weekend here at the hovel. My mother had to have emergency surgery — it went well and she is, I’m happy to report, on the mend. Still, it was unexpected. That’s always difficult. Her recovery may present a few challenges, but I’m confident that she’ll be back to losing at bingo in no time!

Rather than working on my A to Z post yesterday I chose, instead, to watch some baseball with my husband. I’ll admit that I couldn’t really keep my head in the game. As I was falling asleep last night it hit me that “F is for… family”. I wasn’t altogether certain how to work that into a post about music, but decided to give it a try anyway. Maybe “F” will also be for failure. That will be for you to decide.

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Growing up I was exposed to a rather eclectic blend of music. Everyone had their favorites. You had to be quick if you wanted to hear what you wanted to hear — at family gatherings it was often a race to the turntable or the stack of 8-tracks. These are some of the songs that I remember being popular at pool parties and picnics.

My grandmother loved CONNIE FRANCIS. When Connie belted out Where the Boys Are, the party had officially begun. I’ll tell you what, though, that dame could sing! (I’m talking about Connie, NOT about my grandmother, she couldn’t carry a tune if it had a handle on it — actually no one in my family was what you would call “musically gifted”. Sadly, that’s never kept any of us from singing along.)

Possibly because our parties tended to occur on Saturday’s, CAT STEVENS’ Another Saturday Night was always popular — sometimes it made it to the mix more than once. All of us, young and old, knew the words to this one. The more times it was played, the more successful the party.

At some point, I’m not sure when, Another Saturday Night got pushed aside to make room for THE ROLLING STONES classic, Start Me Up. I still think of my cousins singing into their makeshift beer bottle microphones whenever I hear this song.

As the evening began to draw to a close, it was a pretty safe bet that my mother would dig out her wedding song. What was my parent’s wedding song? A Million To One (JIMMY CHARLES). She’d play it and make my father dance with her. It was her way of saying, “HA! We made it!” (And they had — they are, regardless of the odds they were given, still together. Still dancing.)

In my family, no party was over until we heard SINATRA. No matter the lateness of the hour. No matter how many highballs had been consumed (or, possibly, because of the number of highballs that had been consumed) no gathering ever ended without New York, New York. Often the adults would get together and form a line. Leg kicks and jazz hands were the order of the day when this song was on the stereo. It was a last gasp effort to keep the party going. Alas, though, it was, more often than not, the song that closed the book on our family parties.

7 thoughts on “Music A to Z: F is for…

  1. Louise says:

    Hope your mom is feeling herself again soon. Scary stuff – glad it sounds okay.

    I loved this list. Connie Francis apparently doesn’t like Canadians because I can’t play that video – but much love there notwithstanding. I also love your parent’s wedding song! I hope my husband wants to dance (ever) let alone 30+ years into marriage. I will use this post as persuasive fodder.

    Love the Stones choice – as for Sinatra – he makes me think of MY mother – mostly because she kept thinking he was dead YEARS before he was. As in, we’d have conversations about him and she’s say, “Isn’t he dead?” We’d say no. Repeat. For about 12 years. Until he actually died. And then there was a whole other layer of awkward Sinatra chat chez nous. Eg: “He’s dead, right?” Yes, mom. “Because I thought he was dead for YEARS!” Yes, mom. etc….


    • javaj240 says:

      OMG — that is so funny! When we get to “S”, stay tuned for the confusion regarding Bruce Springsteen and Rick Springfield. For whatever reason, my mother just could NOT, for a time, keep THEM straight! She’s got it now, but for a while she claimed to love “that Rick Springsteen (or Bruce Springfield) fella”! We never did know which one of them she enjoyed. My money’s on Rick Springfield, though. “Jesse’s Girl” seems more her speed!

      Her recent trouble was gastro-intestinal. Abdominal surgery at her age and given her past medical history — heart problems and diabetes — will be a bit of a haul recovery-wise, but she’s a tough old bird, so I’m confident she’ll be back to herself in due time 🙂


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  3. Glad your mom is okay. Hope she is losing at bingo soon.
    I’ll take Start Me Up off of this list.


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