Music A to Z: G is for…

E is for...

G is for…

G is for “gem”! There are loads of musical gems out there. There are also any number of songs/bands that fit this theme. Find five of your own and link back to this post! We’ll cross-promote. It’ll be fun! Tell me when you write a post, either in the comments and/or by visiting our community Facebook page!

I don’t know if pearls are, scientifically speaking, categorized as gems. Still, the first band that came to mind when this theme began to flit through my head certainly is, though — a gem, that is. I love Pearl Jam. And Eddie Vedder? I think he just improves with age. I chose Jeremy because that’s the song that made me a Pearl Jam fan.

Get your grunge on, baby!

From grunge to vintage — nothing says vintage like Mick Jagger and his band of merry men. The Rolling Stones hit Ruby Tuesday is a real gem.

Speaking of vintage, no “gem” theme would be complete without the inclusion of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. (The Beatles version!) Yeah.

As I allowed a pearl to be considered a gem, I’m going to apply the same logic to the oyster. In that vein, I give you Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. Love this one!

Gold is not a gem. I know. It’s a precious metal. Still, it’s a “G” and, well, I’ve heard this song several times in the past month and considering that it’s highly likely that I haven’t heard it this much since it debuted in the 70s, I’ll took it as a sign — a sign that it was begging to be included on the list this week. Here’s America and Sister Golden Hair.

9 thoughts on “Music A to Z: G is for…

  1. Alex41 says:

    Great Songs 🙂


  2. doreenb8 says:

    I completely forgot about Blue Oyster Cult! Thank you for reminding meGreat list!


  3. Louise says:

    Ah! Ruby Tuesday – in high school (pre-Google) my friend and I had an ongoing disagreement about who sang it – either the Stones or the Beatles. She was convinced it was the Beatles, but I had the Stones album at home, so how could that be so? I’m presuming there was a cover out there somewhere – but whatever. I love the song. I also love the Beatles (my father raised me on them and loves them over the Stones – indeed, whenever I want to have some fun at family dinner I’ll start THAT discussion – ie: “Don’t the Stones rock! Really, I think they had a larger impact on modern music than the Beatles. Don’t you agree, dad?)

    Enjoyed your mix!


    • Louise says:

      For what it’s worth, my 23 month old is on my lap as we listen to your list and she seems to be a Pearl Jam fan over Beatles and Stones. Swaying happily back and forth specifically to that one. I’ll have to let my father know….


      • javaj240 says:

        Your 23-month-old has some good taste 🙂 Yeah, I’d like to see you throw grunge into the next conversation with your father, LOL! Certainly, I’m sure Eddie would tell you that he was influenced by Mick. I mean, how could he not have been? And The Beatles had to have been part of the soundtrack of his youth, as they were of mine 🙂


    • javaj240 says:

      My father was the Stones guy, I was the Beatles gal. LOL! I think that the Stones drew much of their musical inspiration from American blues, so there’s that. The Beatles, on the other hand, really ushered in the age of the musician as the songwriter. Elvis had a huge impact on Rock n Roll, but the Beatles were the first guys to write their own stuff. Elvis, talented as he was, was not a songwriter. The Stones were kind of an amalgamation of both Elvis and The Beatles, if you ask me. They, like Elvis, drew on the blues or, as many called it back then “black” music. They, like the Beatles, wrote their own stuff. I don’t, off the top of my head know of a Beatles cover of “Ruby Tuesday”. I will have to investigate 🙂


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