H and I are for….

E is for...

H and I are for…

Because I’ve been remiss, I’m combining “H” and “I” today in Music A to Z. Yes. It spells, “Hi”! So, I thought that I’d introduce you all to some new artists that I’m familiar with, some more successful than others, who you may not be familiar with. Enjoy!

Because I believe in full disclosure, I will tell you that I might be slightly biased with this selection. It’s an original guitar piece by my nephew, Luke DeMuro. It’s called “God Riding Shotgun”. He’s got a couple of other beautiful pieces on his YouTube channel. I would encourage you music aficionados to click on over there. This kid’s got the goods!

I became familiar with this band through fellow blogger Amanda Fox. One of her sons is one of the founding members. The Lionyls are, I hope, going places. I’d like to see more of them and hear more of their soul inspired rock music! (That’s Amanda’s son doing the singing!)

Another blogger and founder of Better After 50, Felice Shapiro, also has a musically talented son. His band is a little further along in terms of exposure than the last two — Time Flies was recently featured on Good Morning America!

This one is called “I Choose U”.

These guys have enjoyed some recent success. I stumbled across them a few years ago. Let’s listen to a little Bastille this morning, shall we?

“Flaws” is one of their best songs!

Feel free to link to your own musical H or I post — I’ll give you a shout out via Twitter, Facebook, Google+. It’ll be fun. Really. I promise.

3 thoughts on “H and I are for….

  1. javaj240 says:

    I have no idea how that contest works. The band in question features the son of one of my bloggy buddies —- I’ve been listening to them since their inception, as we are also FB friends 🙂

    My nephew is, indeed, very talented!


  2. Louise says:

    Okay so Bastille is the only one I was familiar with on the list. And apparently I can’t play that video in my far away country of Canada 😦

    But I listened to the other ones; your nephew is a fabulous guitar player – I really enjoyed that!

    I have a friend whose band played in the 88.5FM Big Money Shot contest a few years ago (I want to say late 2000s? maybe 2007) – I have the CD from that year. Do they do multiple contests? I’m now curious how it works.


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