My “Movie Date”

NaBloPoMoDayTwoI went to the movies the other night. I know. I know. People do that sort of thing all the time. I am not one of these people. My being at the movies is an exception, rather than the rule. Or, you know, a sign of the apocalypse. Okay, so THAT didn’t happen. But it could have.

Going to the movies requires that I leave the house. And put on pants. Outside of going to work where, sadly, they require me to wear pants or to the grocery store, where one can play fast and loose with the definition of “pants” (and I often do), I don’t make plans for my down time that involve clothes with zippers and/or buttons.

I made an exception the other night, though. Because a friend invited me. She is what I consider a “pants-worthy” friend. She is also my new “movie date”. She proved herself worthy of that, too.

I’ll bet you’d like to know how she proved this, wouldn’t you? It’s very simple, really. She agreed to see the taped version of the live stage play of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The one with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. Yeah. Instead of what we had planned on seeing, which was St. Vincent, she got all Masterpiece Theatre with me and we saw Frankenstein instead.

And you know what? It was great. And it was different. It was something that we would not have otherwise had the opportunity to see, considering we live pretty far from London’s West End. (And, really, do you think I’d fly across the Atlantic Ocean to see a play? Me? The woman who barely leaves the house because she doesn’t want to put on pants?)

Guess what we’re doing next week? We’re going to see a taped performance of the recent Broadway version of Of Mice and Men. The one with James Franco and Chris O’Dowd.

I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking, “Doesn’t she live near Manhattan?” Yes. Yes, I do. But I never got there to see this play, even though I really wanted to. It was on my radar, but I was busy. And it was expensive. So, now, I’ll get to see it for $18, plus no one will know that I’m wearing pants without a zipper. No one will “shush” me or admonish me in any way when I open up my bag of Twizzlers, either. That’s a bonus. Yeah. I’m really looking forward to it.

I may just become one of those, what do you call them? Moviegoers?

This one’s for you, Rhea! Thanks for being the best movie date EVER!

8 thoughts on “My “Movie Date”

  1. texdona says:

    It costs $18? I would never go…how could you ever afford popcorn too?


  2. nfhill says:

    I am gonna adopt “pants worthy” descriptor. I LOVE going to movies but it is hard to leave the house. We writers are weird ones.


  3. elinwaldal says:

    This is awesome. I love the thought of ‘pants worthy friends.’ I’m not a big movie goer, unless of course Lois invites me to attend a screening, which I can assure you is a treat. And for what it’s worth, regardless of whatever she chooses, she is definitely pants worthy. Glad you had fun!


    • javaj240 says:

      I have a pretty hard and fast rule about friends — if they’re not “pants worthy”, they’re out, LOL!

      Hanging out with Lois is, I’m sure, a good time. We only hung out together once and I laughed all day.

      I had a great time! Can’t wait to do it again!


  4. Ha ha! As a professional moviegoer, let me assure you that I go to the movies all the time without pants that have zippers or buttons. I have become a big fan of Hue jeggings, whose stretchy waist is perfect for the popcorn and Diet Coke that go with every movie. And St. Vincent is definitely worth seeing, whatever kind of pants you’re wearing.


    • javaj240 says:

      LOL, I know. It’s just that I spend my life in a uniform and then, of course, there are the sweatpants that I wear to the grocery store, so I feel like when I go out with a friend I should, at the very least, put on pants. I just think it’s the polite thing to do, LOL! But, ya know, folks have to be “pants worthy”. That’s all I’m saying 🙂


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