After being off for three days, I don’t want to go back to work. Frankly, I don’t want to go back to work after being off for one day, but that would be another story.

I should be looking forward to returning to work. At least there I get paid to clean up and wait on folks.

Fang, my long-suffering husband, was sick this weekend. He had a cold. He’s not sick often, so he doesn’t really understand the concept of “muddling through”.

“Yes, Fang”, I wanted to say, “People get the sniffles and continue to function.” But, you know, that would have been insensitive.

So, instead of keeping our Friday night date and doing some other fun things that we had planned for the weekend, we stayed home. He blew his nose a lot and went through a bag (or three) of lozenges. I cleaned.

His being sick turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I think I finally put the “mouse situation” to rest. (And, yes, a few mice were also put to rest.)

Earlier in the week we resorted to those “inhumane” traps. They worked. Finally. Nothing else was working. It had to be done.

It’s a good thing, too, because if they hadn’t worked I was toying with the idea of getting myself an owl. I considered a snake — at least they are legal to own here in New Jersey, but decided that allowing a snake to roam freely around my kitchen would prohibit me from roaming freely around my kitchen. So, yeah, no snake.

I don’t like birds. I know that owls are birds. I would argue that they are the princes (or princesses) of the bird world, though. Eagles and hawks being the Kings and/or Queens.

I cannot imagine the skullduggery that would be required to get my hands on an eagle. Hawks proliferate this area, but just try catching one. There is one that circles my house. Once in a while it dive-bombs me. Standing outside with some type of net might be worth a try. Even if I did manage to catch it, training a full-grown hawk might be problematic.

Getting an owlet would be easier. Plus, then I’d have an owlet. They’re pretty darn cute. And, how cool would having an owlet be? Fangette would be thrilled, absolutely thrilled, to come home for Thanksgiving to find an owl living in the hovel.

The resident feline might not share Fangette’s excitement, though. I don’t know how he would feel about sharing his domain with a bird of prey, but since he failed to rid my house of the disgusting, scurrying rodents that were becoming the bane of my existence, I had little sympathy for him or his feelings. He would just have to adjust.

As I was thinking about the ins and outs of PROJECT OWL PROCUREMENT, a few people — the trusted few with whom I shared my idea — did point out that the owl might eat the cat. I hadn’t thought of that. No matter. There must be species of owls that don’t get that big, right? Owl eating pet problem solved!

Just to be clear, Fang was not one of the “trusted few with whom I shared my idea”. He likes animals, though. He’d likely take to owl ownership. And training. He taught the cat to fetch. I have every confidence that he could teach an owlet to catch mice.

I thought that about having a cat, though, didn’t I? I was very mistaken. Who wants to bet that I’d be the only person in the world to own an untrainable vegetarian owl?

Luckily, the snap traps worked. And, because I spent the weekend at home, I used the time to drag the stove out. Guess what I found behind it? A hole in the wall. A mouse hole. I sealed it up. So far, I’ve not seen hide nor hair of anymore rodents in my kitchen.

Hopefully my hard work will pay off. Otherwise, I may have no other choice but to obtain an owl. I really hope it doesn’t come to that.


  1. Eew! The mouse would definitely scare me! I do however think that owls are adorable!

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    • javaj240 says:

      Owls are beautiful. Mice are creepy.

      I think part of the reason that rodents are so frightening is because you just never know when they might pop out at you. Owls would be far easier to find. I wouldn’t worry about stumbling across one during a middle-of-the-night bathroom run, like I do with the mouse. Horrifying.


  2. Since my oldest and youngest brother were falconers, I can testify to the mousing skills of the king, queens, princes, and princesses of the bird world. You may want to know they make a big mess, though. I personally leave the dirty work to the 3 cats I share a home with. In almost 14 years, I’ve seen only one mouse in our house. Thankfully, the cat saw him first.

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    • javaj240 says:

      My cat runs in the opposite direction, meows loudly, and nudges me toward the invader. He’s adorable, but a useless “mouser”.

      I never thought about the clean-up involved with keeping an owl. Great. Now that’s out. (As if that would be the only reason, LOL!)

      I had forgotten all about falcons — they are beautiful creatures. I think I would be afraid they would turn on me, though, they have that look about them.

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  3. Nothing freaks me out more than mice. I am now best friends with my Terminix guy so he will come whenever he hears me scream. I kind of like owls since Harry Potter – but hope it doesn’t come to that for you!

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  4. A mouse situation would put me over the edge. My dog once brought in a live possum. I still have nightmares.


  5. Oh, mice are so horrible. Creepy little creatures filled with disease. Yuck! I do have owls that hang out in the trees surrounding my house. I’ll keep an eye out for an owlet I could nab and ship to you. More probable, though, is I’d more quickly come up with a skunk you can have. We have LOTS of those. Too bad owls don’t eat them.

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    • javaj240 says:

      Oh, we have plenty of skunks. My husband was nearly sprayed by one last week while taking out the garbage. Mr. Magoo thought it was a cat and APPROACHED it.

      Maybe I’ll tell him the owl is a parakeet. 🙂


  6. I felt like I was in your head with you as you thought through all the possibilities. It was a weird feeling! In a good way.


    • javaj240 says:

      This is, quite possibly, my favorite comment EVER!

      That must have felt weird. It feels weird for me to be in my own head and, well, I kind of have no choice in the matter. My apologies.



  7. Cathy says:

    As much as I’m an animal person, I can’t stand mice. Or snakes. And we, as you know, have a lot of them in NJ. My brother owned a snake and it was disgusting. Poor thing died cause my nephew forgot to feed him. EWWWWWWWWWWW.

    We also have a lot of bats at night. Bears by day. So c’mon over and borrow either one to rid of the mice. EWWWWWWWWWWW.

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  8. CaptCruncher says:

    I can just imagine an owl flying around with the cat, with a mouse in his mouth, in his talons…. Oh circle of life! I hope that your plan worked!


  9. Roz Warren says:

    You win the award for today’s Most Intriguing Blog Post Title!

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  10. elinwaldal says:

    You had me at the idea of a snake roaming freely in your kitchen. LOL! And yeah, I’m with you, I would not be free to roam either with a snake loose. I do love owls though. I’m not sure if it’s because they are so hard to see, being night dwellers and all, or if it’s because I read some great books as a kid about owls. Either way, I love them.
    PS…I’m glad you solved your mouse problem.

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    • javaj240 says:

      Regarding whether or not my problem is “solved”, only time will tell, Elin.

      It is kind of a shame, though, I mean, I know I’d have to keep my owl ownership on the QT and all, but I was growing used to the idea of it 🙂


  11. My teen daughter has a friend seeking refuge at our house because of a mouse on the loose in her home. Creepy little critters. Glad you found their point of entry!

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