Tomorrow Is Another Day

A&R graphicMy daughter, the delightful and nearly grown-up, Fangette, returned to Vermont yesterday where she will be embarking on what her father, the much put-upon, but always optimistic, Fang, and I hope will be her second successful semester at college. (One down, only seven more to go!) As for Fang, he shuffled off to work this morning. I wish them both a successful day.

As for me? My plan for today is somewhat different than theirs. My goal for the day is not to put on pants with a waistband, to eat nothing that needs a pot, a flame, or a stoneware dish, or to do anything that necessitates the spraying of any type of cleanser on things that bear any resemblance to rags, sponges, or mops. In short, I just want to relax.

If I am required to expend only the energy necessary to surfing the ‘net and/or to operating the television remote control, I will call it a successful day. If I can manage to do none of the above and I can also avoid speaking or communicating in any way with anyone that I do not wish to speak to or communicate with, it could shape up to be the best day ever!

My plan also involves NOT watching, listening to, or reading about what is going on in the world around me. The last couple of months have been somewhat disheartening on that front, haven’t they? I think most people would agree that they have. I’m going to clear my mind of all of that for today, though.

Instead, I’m going to engage in mindless activities, which may include catching up on the last few episodes of “Elementary”. I may watch “The Golden Globes”, too. I heard that George Clooney gave a nice speech. Tina and Amy are usually entertaining. And, there are always the fashions to “tsk” about (as I sit, unshowered and uncoiffed, sporting a pair of ten-year-old pajama pants under my ratty afghan). I taped “Galavant”, too. That ought to be worth a few more laughs.

I will try not to glance into my kid’s empty bedroom. I have resolved NOT to remind myself that it will remain that way until mid-May. I’m putting that out of my mind for today, too.

I adamantly refuse to add up how much more money I need to pay her tuition by the end of the month and, as a result, face the fact that I have to go back to work, guns blazing, tomorrow.

Today I will search the fridge and hopefully come up with an unexpired yogurt. I’m fairly certain I’ve got a plastic spoon with which to eat it. If there is no edible yogurt, I’ll just have a slice of cake. I’ll worry about the yogurt, the world, the calories from the cake, and my daughter’s extended absence tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Another Day

  1. Enjoy your lazy day. We all need them sometimes.


  2. tani says:

    Like Carol I too am priviliged enough to have those days. They never grow old!


  3. I have days like that. Lots of them. And oh, how I love them.


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