Let’s Bring Back the Hat!

Greta Garbo... need I say more?

Greta Garbo… need I say more?

I am not much of a trendsetter in any area of my life — unless, of course, you count “cooking with soup”. Some would argue — and rightly so — that opening a can of cream of mushroom soup to whip up a delicious gravy has more to do with sheer laziness and an inability to turn drippings and corn starch into something edible, than it is some sort of a trailblazing effort to change the way America cooks.

Not only am I not a trendsetter, I am also not a fashion maven. I am still on “orange is the new pink”, for crying out loud! (I can just see my teenage daughter rolling her eyes and mumbling, “Mom, that was sooooo ten years ago!”)

Having established that I am no fashion expert, I will go out on a very small limb here and admit that I am well aware that a woman who is still substituting orange for pink should not, in all likelihood, be making suggestions for starting a movement like the one I am about to make. Having little expertise in a subject matter never stopped me from forming (or expressing) an opinion before, though.

Let’s bring back the hat!

I am not talking about baseball hats. I would guess that most women own at least one of those. The problem with caps of this variety is that they are not generally worn to make a fashion statement. Generally, they are thrown on NOT to enhance one’s appearance, but to hide the fact that one has chosen not to shower or to attend to one’s hair on a given day

I, myself, have engaged in baseball hat subterfuge now and again. I understand. Still, I say, let’s save the logo caps for the ballpark, Ladies! (You’re not fooling anyone at the grocery store anyway.)

Being a bit of a hat-wearer myself, I have learned that the minute I put one on my attitude is instantly transformed. Depending on the style of hat that I have chosen to don, I often feel more fun-loving or more sophisticated. I feel more stylish — even at the supermarket — when I top off my look with a tweed cap. I always feel more confident, jauntier, while sporting a beret. (Who wouldn’t?)

Hats do not have to be something we throw on to shovel snow, hide our unkempt tresses, or put the finishing touch on our Halloween costumes.  In other words, hats do not have to be an afterthought.  Rather, they should make a statement about who we are. They should complete our ensembles; complement our personalities.

My dream is to see a resurgence of hat boxes filled with fedoras, bowlers, berets, cloches, and, yes, even pillboxes, in the closets of all American women. If you require more inspiration than just little old me, you need only to look to women like Lucille Ball, Greta Garbo, and Mary Pickford. Those gals could rock a hat!

As if looking sexy like Faye Dunaway in “Bonnie and Clyde” or quirky like Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall” were not good enough reasons to embrace hat-wearing, how about the fact that, combined with a good sunscreen, hats protect our faces from sun damage. Say “Hello!” to hats, “Good Riddance” to premature wrinkling, age spots, and skin cancer!

Let’s do it. Let’s start a movement. Let’s find a good milliner. Let’s bring back the hat!

14 thoughts on “Let’s Bring Back the Hat!

  1. WendysHat says:

    I am absolutely in agreement with you! In my world they have always been in style. I wear them nearly every day. Who cares what they think! Loved reading this!


  2. I see what you mean. However have you seen some of the abominations at Ascot or Cheltenham? Gawdelpus. I can see the case for the return of facinators, but some may claim this merely marks me out as a pervert. 🙂


    • javaj240 says:

      I had to look up “fascinators”, which do have some interesting associations with burlesque (I was shocked to discover this!). Perhaps this was the inspiration for “You Can Leave Your Hat On” in the movie “9-1/2 Weeks” (an American remake of Fellini’s “9”).

      As to Ascot or Cheltenham, there is only one event in America that even comes close, in terms of hat-wearing, — The Kentucky Derby. I don’t live even remotely close to where that is held, though I would LOVE to go one year. It is truly the only occasion on this side of the pond where hat-wearing is not only encouraged, but indeed de rigeur. Plus, you know, there is also a horse race. I must admit that I’ve often thought — to add an element of difficulty — the horses should also be required to wear hats. 🙂

      Always lovely to hear from you!


  3. Haralee says:

    I do enjoy hats but I must wear them all day because I have hair that doesn’t move so I really have hat hair when I take off the hat. My solution, the hat stays on.


  4. Yes! I have been wearing headbands and hats for decades and love them. When I was in the Peace Corps, my nickname in Slovak was Klobuk,meaning “the Hat.”I continue to wear them in all seasons. Definitely bring them back!

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  5. Hear! Hear! For the hats!!!!

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