Let Me Grab My Robe!

letmegrabmyrobeIf anyone is looking for me around suppertime on any given Friday evening, I’ll be at the local Friendly’s. The reason for this has less (but certainly not nothing) to do with the fact that I can officially begin my weekend by ingesting some kind of crazy fabulous chocolate-peanut butter dessert concoction; more to do with the fact that, as I discovered on a recent excursion to this joint, the place seems to be “shoes-optional”.

One cannot enjoy a buffalo chicken salad (and, yes, a giant dessert) barefooted — that’s against the law here in New Jersey. There is, however, no law (written or, apparently, unwritten) against donning one’s bedroom slippers and heading out to enjoy a meal (and dessert!) at Friendly’s. Finally, a place where I can be comfortable.

Normally, frequenting a restaurant where pants are “button-optional” would be enough for me — especially one where ordering dessert is more of a given than it is a choice. Knowing that I don’t even have to change into shoes? Yeah. I’m all in, folks. All in!

When I first noticed a woman leaving the premises in her fuzzy mules, I will admit that I was somewhat taken aback. She had a gaggle of kids in tow, though, and I figured that she may have simply been overwhelmed by the mere act of wrangling them to concern herself with something as esoteric as proper footwear.

It was when I got inside and spied several other slipper-wearers that it occurred to me that this might be some sort of tradition or, at the very least, a trend down at the Friendly’s. Who knew?

Not me, that’s for sure. At some point I began to wonder if I had missed the memo that Fridays were “Pajama Days” at Friendly’s because, I swear, there was a woman who appeared to be wearing, in addition to her house shoes, a bathrobe. It may have been a sweater, but it surely could have passed for a robe.

I have, in my lifetime, witnessed the relaxation of the dress code here in America. It is no longer de rigeur to wear black to a funeral, for example. Shockingly — at least to me — one may also wear booty shorts and a midriff-baring shirt to a Broadway play without garnering any undue “tsking”. Feel the need to wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day? Go right ahead. No one will notice.

I see young people sporting pajama pants in all sorts of places. School, for example. I have long chalked this practice up to the rebellious nature of your average adolescent. Good for them. Whatever.

I know how I feel about “hooker casual” at a show. I’m against it. But sleepwear at the Friendly’s? This is a practice that I may be able to work into my routine. Those desserts, after all, can make a person mighty sleepy.

12 thoughts on “Let Me Grab My Robe!

  1. rossmurray1 says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no. No. No!


  2. I haven’t been to a Friendly’s in years but I see a lot of “kids” wearing shoes that could pass as slippers. I’ve also seen women wearing Uggs-type shoes that pass as slippers. If that’s the new style I’m all for it!


  3. This brings me back to the days of dropping off the kids at school in my bathrobe, hoping people would just think it was a white terrycloth coat.

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  4. whateverCarm says:

    Very funny! Great read 👍


  5. We need a Friendly’s in South Carolina. I ate at one in Maine one time and the only reason I remember this is because a hot fudge Sunday came with my daughter’s meal and she was ready to sell everything we owned and move to Maine. Slippers…my oh my!


  6. Rick says:

    You should see what is worn in my 8 a.m. classes.


    • javaj240 says:

      Oh, I’m sure there are lots of “get-ups” being worn at 8 AM on a college campus. I suppose you should be grateful they are wearing anything at all. Luckily for me, my kid attends school in a very frigid climate. At the very least, I know she is wearing a parka!


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