Paperless Post!!!

So, you all know that I am a Procrastinator Extraordinaire, right? For example, not that I need to provide examples to those of you who know me (!), I promised to write this post by tomorrow and here it is almost tomorrow and here I sit writing this post! Frankly, I feel ahead of schedule, but I think the fine folks over at Paperless Post who provided me with some “coins” (that’s their currency) to check out their site and write about it were beginning to get a little bit nervous.

Really, this enterprise was designed for people like me (procrastinators) and you (let’s call you “busy people”) in mind. Imagine being able to create a beautiful custom invitation for anything from a barbeque to a wedding in minutes? Instead of waiting for them to come in the mail, and addressing the envelopes, and putting stamps on the envelopes, which, if you’re anything like me, probably includes a trip to the post office or the supermarket to buy stamps, you can just hit “send” and all of your invitees will receive, thanks to the miracle of the internet and the developers at Paperless Post, an invitation to Aunt Myra’s 70th Birthday Party or your cousin’s sister LouAnn’s “Sprinkle” (hey, it’s her fourth kid!) within seconds!

Really, for what amounts to the price of a stamp (and, let’s be honest, they’re not cheap anymore!), you have done your duty. Maybe instead of calling yourself “Procrastinator Extraordinaire”, you can call yourself “Partygiver Extraordinaire” – because we all know that step one of any party is getting out the darn invitations!

I’m going to use this one for Fangette’s graduation party – Yes, she is graduating from college next month. I know. I know. It’s hard to believe. I can hardly believe it myself.



Of course I am going to customize it, as Fangette’s name is not Chelsea Thayer nor do we live in Portland, Oregon. Although a party at The Golden Hotel does sound sort of posh! Our party will be at my sister’s house on the lake. But, I’ll be able to customize the invitation to reflect that folks should bring their swimsuits. I’ll probably leave out the fact that there will likely be nothing on the menu that will require the use of cutlery. Take that Golden Hotel! Ha!

Like other electronic invitation sites, Paperless Post will also keep track of those pesky RSVPs for you. Once you send the invitations, you’ll be able to track the responses. Always a fabulous feature.

Party season is upon us. Go ahead and try Paperless Post, why don’t you? Give yourself a gift. Planning the rest of the party will be hard enough. (I do recommend a menu that requires no cutlery, though!) Press the “easy” button for the invitations!





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