“The Hovel Purge” Posts

At some point, round about January of 2013, I took a long, hard look at my surroundings. I didn’t like what I saw. I’m pretty sure that I was taking down the Christmas tree as I did so, which would put this “light bulb moment” somewhere in the neighborhood of the end of January — I know, I know, most people take down their holiday decorations by the end of the first week of January — for us this task seems to get later and later every year. I’d like to tell you this is because we can’t bear to see another festive holiday season come to an end, but that wouldn’t be true. No. The lateness of the clean-up is more the result of the combination of a couple of my not so stellar attributes — I take laziness and procrastination to new levels. Usually I’m not one for yearly resolutions, mostly because lazy procrastinators learn early on not to set themselves up for this kind of failure, but 2013 seemed as good a time as any to just go ahead, break with tradition, and, to put it bluntly, to get my shit together — and throw it (or give it) all away.

As it turns out, “the hovel purge”, as I came to call it, made pretty good copy. I like to think that some of the posts that came as a result of this enterprise are pretty funny. Like my life, my living space is still a work in progress — but it’s coming along. There have been successes, failures, and even (gasp!) compromises between myself and the other hovel dwellers during this arduous process.

If you’d like to read more about how a lazy procrastinator like myself — one who is married to a man for whom the word “change” is a dirty word — managed to accomplish the herculean tasks of, for example, buying a new couch, painting the bathroom (fushcia!), and installing shelving units, the list below will help you to access these and other stories related to the “hovel purge”!

Alas! We’re Not Those Sort of People!
What Passes for Normal on an Ordinary Saturday
Here’s to Hoping for the Best!
Things That Are Worth Holding On To
Trading One Addiction for Another!
The Laundry Edict of 2013
The Changing Nature of Relationships: On Maturity, Mental Health, and Mantras
My Husband is Much Nicer Than His Wife
What Fang Doesn’t Know: I Was a Pre-School Tracing Prodigy!
My “Relaxing” Weekend Off!
“Miss Marge’s” One-armed Vanity Chair Redo!
Finding MY Voice!
My Fuschia Bathroom OR How I Finally Sent “Fang” Over the Edge!
Help Wanted: Bathroom Attendant
Paint: My “Gateway” Drug
Not Every Gal Needs a Knight in Shining Armor
Black & White & Fuschia (Oh, My!)
A Plethora of Cleaning Supplies
What’s in a Name?
How NOT to Spray Paint!
Everything is Illuminated
Mind the Manual!

3 thoughts on ““The Hovel Purge” Posts

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  3. […] Related posts: The Hovel Purge posts […]


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