The “Serving” Life or What Your Waitress Is Really Thinking

I have, for your convenience, compiled some of the stories that I’ve told about my over 30-year history of working in restaurants — I’ll add more links as time allows!

Finding a Therapist

Peace Out!

The “Tip Slip”

There Are Rules, People, Rules!

Psycho Customer, Part Deux

Customero Loco

Please Use Utensils!

No, I Don’t Know the Score!

We Are NOT Best Buy!

Your Reputation Precedes You!

We’re All Out!

Let’s Start Out on the Right Foot!

That IS a Stupid Question!

A Bad Moment

The Boogers

Enjoy your MEDIUM burger!

Salad Days

A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating a Restaurant Menu

Super Waitress

Closing Time!

Just Another Day At the Office!

Weird Mojo

Take Your Belongings With You!

The “Time-Out” Corner Over at The Annoying Bar & Grill

GTFO: A Love Story

Ten Points to Nitwit

Is Anything All Right?

Save the Introductions!

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Needy Numpty

And the “Idiot of the Night Award” Goes To…

If I Had Given In To The Madness…

We Do Not Cook the Food!

Here are a few about my co-workers — they’re an interesting bunch!

Another Ordinary Day!

The “Idiot Sandwich”!

The Penguin

The Return of the Penguin

Ask Me Anything!

Getting to Know (Too Much) About Your Co-Workers!

The Butter Knife Survey

The Changing of the Guard

Just Another Saturday Night

No Translation Required

Tell Me What You Think!

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